Helllllloooooooo again, world!
The Pampered Prep is back, bringing you a lemonade facial for oily, unwashed skin. But be careful, don't use this mask too often, because here's a science lesson for you: Though washing your skin and using non-oil based washes and masks may seem like a good idea, when your skin loses all of its natural oils, it kicks into overdrive, meaning that it produces more and more oil to replenish the lost oil, causing major breakouts. Always wait ten minutes after a dry mask, and let pores close before adding a light moisturizer to your skin. This mask is very simple, and only takes twenty minutes. Enjoy, leave comments, questions, anything!

Step 1:
Wash face with warm to hot water, letting the heat open up your pores. In a small bowl, combine the juice of 1/2 lemon and one large pinch of salt. Don't try to make this a paste, leave it liquid-ey and wet.

Step 2:
With clean hands, spread the mask over your face while standing above a sink or tub to catch any drips of excess lemon juice. I left it on for twenty minutes, and it seemed like the perfect amount of time. Wash off with warm water, and dry your face, patting, not rubbing, with a soft towel. After ten minutes, apply a light layer of oil free facial lotion. 

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