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Lately, the strange weather where I'm from has caused my skin to go from oily, to dry, to oily again. This has caused major breakouts, especially on my forehead. While surfing an amazing blog, Crunchy Betty, I found this overnight blemish reducer. It worked really well, and when I woke up, my disfigurement was drastically reduced and less inflamed. Enjoy, send comments, stay fresh! FYI: I thought I would try something new, so if you tell me your skin type/problem, I would be happy to help you find a great, easy, at home solution. 
Source: www.crunchybetty.com

This pensive looking woman represents you. Stop touching your face!
Step 1:
Wash your face with a mild cleanser, avoiding rubbing your trouble spots. Pushing on them too hard will force the bacteria deeper into your skin, making it stay there far longer than you want. Now grab what you need: pure honey, and a plain Band-Aid.

Step 2:
On the Band-Aid, spread a drop of honey all over the cotton pad pad. Apply the bandage onto your skin with the honey entirely covering the blemish. Now, go to bed! After you have gotten in your eight hours, peel the bandage off (ouch, I know) and rinse off your whole face with a mild cleanser. Repeat nightly if you are still unhappy. Enjoy!

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