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So you see, I've got very, well, strange skin. My T-zone is oily, but my chin and the sides of my nose are constantly red and irritated. This face mask is definitely better for people with oily skin, so if you have skin like mine, leave it only on trouble spots. The vinegar in this is a serious astringent, so it basically sucks the oil and moisture out of your face, making it a clean slate. The cornstarch is there mostly as a binder for the vinegar to make a paste. This was a good face mask, but I would definitely not repeat it more than once a week.

Step 1:
Grab a small bowl, preferably a thick plastic or metal, and starting with cornstarch, place about 1 TBS of cornstarch in the bowl. Slowly add the vinegar, about 1/4 of a tsp at a time until the mixture is a thick paste.

Step 2:
Don't wash your face first! Make sure that your skin is nasty enough so that the mask doesn't take ALL the oil out of your skin. I left it on my face for 30 minutes: BIG MISTAKE, ladies, big mistake. It made my skin super dry, so when I tried it again for only 15 minutes, it was far less harmful. Wash your face off with warm water, then splash your face with cold water to close your sensitive, open pores. After 10 minutes, apply a light coat of your favorite moisturizer. If your skin feels tight afterward, don't worry, it's natural.

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