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Well, lately I've had a break from the blog, so I've been trying out some new recipes, including this great hair mask I found! It is fairly simple, and only takes about 30 minutes, maybe even less. It's five ingredients, most of which can be found at home or the grocery store. Enjoy, stay fresh, send comments, and if you are a fellow blogger, let me know! I'll give you a shoutout on here!

Step one:
In a bowl, combine 1 TBS mayonnaise, 1 egg, 1 to 2 TBS honey, 1 TBS sour cream, and (this is optional) a small dash of apple cider vinegar. Mix up the magic with a fork, and make sure the clumps are broken up so that it is gooey and slimy. Yum, right?

Step 2:

Grab a shower cap and your favorite magazine. After you have poured all this icky goodness into your dry, unwashed hair, pop on the cap and chill  out for about 20 minutes. After that time is up, simply wash out with regular shampoo and conditioner, making sure to massage the mayonnaise out of your scalp, or else you'll have greasy roots for days.

The Breakdown:
Mayonnaise: Adds shine and softness to dry dull hair with its plentiful oils and nutrients.
Apple Cider Vinegar: The vinegar helps debunk and of the gross nastyness in your hair and scalp before the other ingredients do their magic.
Egg: The yolk and whites soften your hair and add a great shine.
Honey: A natural disinfectant, honey cleans and softens hair at the follicle.
Sour cream: Like mayonnaise, it adds shine and the consistency is great for holding a hair mask together.

Hello, world
When l was looking through my medicine cabinet of strange yet effective natural beauty supplies, I stumbled across a new bottle of castor oil. Just a few days ago, I was reading about the benefits of castor oil for growing long, thick, healthy hair. Luckily, I also found this amazing hair mask. Warning: when you first get in the shower after having it on, it might seem like it just turned your hair into a mated knot with egg in in. Fear not! After washing it out with shampoo and a lot of water, your hair with feel strong, healthy, and smooth.
Source: beautytipsforher.com

Step 1:
In a bowl, combine 1 egg, 2 TBS olive oil, 2 TBS of honey, and 1 TBS castor oil.. (Unfortunately, the castor oil doesn't smell so good, so make sure to rinse with a yummy shampoo!) Leave on your hair, in a shower cap, for about 30 minutes; you want this mixture to really work some magic.

Step 2:
After 30 minutes, run warm water over your head, while in the shower, until you feel your hair starting to feel cleaner, then go in with the shampoo. Massage your head while washing and rinsing, as this increases blood flow to your head and
Hello world!
I rarely use heat to style my hair, but the dry weather has been seriously making my hair mad at me. This mask I found is great for everything, though. The honey and egg helps soften your hair, and the olive oil and yogurt clean and add a great shine. After doing this hair mask, I felt like those girls who do the Garnier adds, you know, the ones that amazingly shiny hair that fill the page? Anyways, it is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Enjoy, send comments, stay fresh.
Source: this was adapted by yours truly from www.curlynikky.com

Step 1:
In a medium-small bowl, combine the following ingredients and mix well with a fork or spoon: 2 TBS EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) 2 TBS honey, 1 egg, and 2 large TBS of plain greek yogurt. Make sure that you are incorporating the honey and oil up from the bottom, and that the egg and yogurt are being well mixed and blended.

Step 2:
Before you shower, stand in the tub and tilt your head back, with a free hand holding your hair up in a loose ponytail by the tips. Once all your hair is covered with the mixture, let all of it fall into a clean showercap and kick back for 15 minutes. Wash out normally with shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy!

Hello, world!
If you've checked out the face masks on this blog recently, you will see that I have taken up running. Ew, I know. Sweat. At the end of a workout, my hair feels greasy, sweaty, and like my scalp is clogged up with this nastiness. I want my soft, clean, hair back! So, I did what I always do when I want something: took to Pinterest! This hair mask combines egg yolks, water, and olive oil for a mixture that softens hair, adds shine, and cleans. Unfortunately, it doesn't smell great. I immediately followed this mask with a yummy scented shampoo, and washed out very well. Enjoy, leave comments, stay fresh!
Source: Ok, here's the deal. I couldn't find the exact link for this mask, but it was posted by a Pinterest-er on the same link to longhairstyleshowto.com

Step 1:
In a medium to small sized liquid measuring cup, drop in 2 egg yolks, no whites, 2 TBS olive oil, and 1 cup of water. I added in the yolks and oil first, and just added 1 cup of water until the water line reached a tad over the 1 cup line on the measuring cup. Whisk/stir well with a fork.

Step 2:

I stood in the tub, and I would recommend wearing a towel or old robe only because this mask kind of gets slippery and messy; sorry! I tilted my head back pretty far, just because raw egg and olive oil aren't my fave snack. It will seem like there is a lot of extra liquid, but don't worry, use all of it. I snagged a shower cap, and I flipped my hair over my face, and caught it all in the shower cap before it touched my skin.

Step 3:
Kick back for 30 minutes, letting that eggey goodness work some magic. I did a face mask at the same time, just as a time saver. Wash out after 30 minutes with shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy!

Hello, world!
After trying out so many masks, my hair was getting greasy from all the oils not fully washed from my scalp. I soon read about the wonders of apple cider vinegar, and was immediately hooked on the amazing things it does for your hair. The vinegar actually cleans out any excess shampoo, oils, or hair product, all the way to the scalp. After doing this mask, I found that my hair was manageable, clean, and took far longer than usual to get greasy again. I would recommend repeating this hair mask once or twice a week. Enjoy, leave comments, stay classy!
Source: www.polyvore.com/naturally_flyy

Step 1:
Snag a medium-sized plastic bowl, combine 2/3 cup water and 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar. Stir with a small whisk. If you have an empty spray bottle, pour mixture in then spray over entire head of unwashed hair. If you don't have the bottle, just pour the mixture over your head, directing the stream at your roots, while you are standing in the bathtub and tilting your head slightly backwards.

Step 2:
If you have a shower cap, throw your hair up in a loose pony tail in the cap. If you don't have a cap lying around, just use clips to keep your hair off your shoulders. Kick back for 15 minutes, then use a wide toothed comb to spread the vinegar evenly through your hair. Rinse out with shampoo as usual.

I am dedicating a whole post to just one ingredient: coconut oil! It is pure magic for any type of hair. I couldn't  believe how amazingly soft my hair is, even after two days. Magic I say, magic! I had straightened my hair the day before, so it was feeling rough and tumble-y. Amazing! A must-try. Tell me how it works for you!

Step 1:

Comb 1 TBS coconut oil through your hair, starting at the roots. I threw all my hair up into a shower cap, but you can use clips and elastics if necessary. Leave it in for 15 minutes.

Step 2:
Wash out as usual! Rinse well, so no oily residue is left. When your hair is still wet, it might feel slightly greasy, but this is natural. Enjoy your soft, lustrous hair!

Hi there!
I've recently decided to try out hair masks, as a way to naturally strengthen my hair. I've found this one that has been all over Pinterest, but I finally tracked down the source! I loved what it did for my hair! Though I only have done this mask once, I can assure you that repeating this weekly would give you optimal results. The honey and olive oil really nourished my hair, especially after the weather lately. The apple cider vinegar is a hero! It really gets deep and just debunks any hair product that causes oily roots. You ca feel the difference when you brush your hair afterwards! This hair mask was very impressive! I'd love to hear your comments on it! 
Credit: www.beautifulsmhw.blogspot.com

Step 1: 
Mix all ingredients well in a small bowl:
2 TBS honey
1 TBS olive oil (don't go crazy with the oil!)
1 TBS apple cider vinegar

Step 2:
Starting at roots, pour a little bit of the mixture onto the center of your part. I'd recommend doing this over a sink or tub, because it gets a tad messy! Using your fingers, brush mixture down so it spreads all through hair. Repeat process until all of the hair mask is evenly dispersed through your hair, which is preferably unwashed, but washed is fine, as well. Using a wide toothed comb, make sure mask is covering all your hair, not just the roots.

Step 3:
Clip up time! You can either clip your hair up on your head, or throw it all in a shower cap, and hang out. For the next 30 to 60 minutes, chill out with a book or Netflix while the mixture conditions and cleans out your hair and scalp. If your hair is clipped up, I would put a towel around your shoulders to catch and drops of excess oil. 

Step 4: 
Hop in the shower! Let your hair down, and rinse out VERY well, shampooing out the mask. Style your hair as you normally would. Enjoy your clean, shiny hair!


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