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I rarely use heat to style my hair, but the dry weather has been seriously making my hair mad at me. This mask I found is great for everything, though. The honey and egg helps soften your hair, and the olive oil and yogurt clean and add a great shine. After doing this hair mask, I felt like those girls who do the Garnier adds, you know, the ones that amazingly shiny hair that fill the page? Anyways, it is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Enjoy, send comments, stay fresh.
Source: this was adapted by yours truly from www.curlynikky.com

Step 1:
In a medium-small bowl, combine the following ingredients and mix well with a fork or spoon: 2 TBS EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) 2 TBS honey, 1 egg, and 2 large TBS of plain greek yogurt. Make sure that you are incorporating the honey and oil up from the bottom, and that the egg and yogurt are being well mixed and blended.

Step 2:
Before you shower, stand in the tub and tilt your head back, with a free hand holding your hair up in a loose ponytail by the tips. Once all your hair is covered with the mixture, let all of it fall into a clean showercap and kick back for 15 minutes. Wash out normally with shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy!

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